Comprehensive Astrology Retreat

By Victoria Davis

You will learn so much about yourself, it will be enlightening and inspiring

Victoria Davis 

Victoria is a Professional and Consulting Astrologer and runs her own business Who Am I Astrology, offering personal readings, consultations, workshops, and decorative framed birth charts. Taking the guesswork out of astrology and making it accessible for everyone, is at the heart of Victoria’s practice. Focusing on person-centered, free-will, Western/modern astrology, Victoria is most interested in exploring who you are at a practical, spiritual and soul level, in accordance with your universal fingerprint; the individual natal or birth chart. Currently located in Bangkok, Victoria moved from Australia with her husband Mark and 3yo daughter, Odessa (Frankie). Victoria enjoys yoga, meditation, Thai massage, crystal therapy and spending time with friends and family. Victoria runs a “Community Travel and Living” group on Facebook and her astrology work can be found at “Who Am I Astrology” on Facebook, Instagram and

Four workshops during the retreat:
- Introduction to Astrology - covering Sun, Moon and Rising sign, the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 houses of astrology.
- The Astrological Elements - personality profiling
- Communication and deepest emotional self - Mercury and Black Moon Lilith
- Love and Drive - Venus and Mars

Astrology can reveal the meaning behind who we are. It can tell us what talents and skills can be enhanced, and identify limitations and areas of growth. It can potentially be used as tool to empower and support self, allow choices and shift consciousness, revealing the soul’s purpose over a lifetime.
Understanding your birth chart is much more than just knowing one “star” or sun sign. By looking into the position of other planets, points and zodiac signs at the time of your birth, you can unlock information about yourself that may be the key to fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

If you would like to nurture your strengths, understand your challenges and create a framework of guidance, come and join Victoria Davis from Who Am I Astrology and explore, in-depth, your own personal birth chart with this two-day comprehensive astrology retreat.

Each guest will receive a booklet from the sessions and a copy of their birth chart

Villa du Lac

The Villa combines the comfort of modern architecture with green gardens and pristine views. The pool overlooks the lake and one can watch the many birds that come to roost in the area play around the water's edge or take nest in the trees.

Every shade of green is represented in the gardens as well as the surrounding forest. It truly represents what tranquil is.

Villa du Lac is conveniently located two and a half hours drive away from Bangkok and just 20 minutes drive from Hua Hin.


This newly built, large and airy luxury residence is located along a private lake just behind the Palm Hills Cha-am Golf Club and eight minutes drive from the beach.

10,000 Baht per person for a sharing a double room

12,500 Baht per person for a private double room


Bring your friend and share one room: 9,000 baht per person


Price includes

  • All the workshops described above.

  • Two nights in a suite private room with a private bathroom.

  • Transportation from Bangkok to the Villa AND back to Bangkok on Sunday.

  • Morning yoga class. 

  • All meals from Friday dinner to Sunday dinner included: Healthy, vegetarian, organic homemade meals (in-house Chef).

  • Four cold-pressed detox juices.

Maximum participants: 6 guests